For Complex Sales NubiQ APP

Our Solution For Complex Sales:

Dynamic Presentations

All your approved, compliant, current sales & marketing content in one easy to access place. Videos, Pictures, PDFs, Powerpoint, etc. Remove and update content in real time.

Automatic CRM Updates

Save your reps time by automating reporting of sales activities back to Salesforce┬«, Netsuite┬«, MS Dynamics┬« or any other CRM. Presentations done are tied to customers’s records in your CRM.

Know More - Sell More

NubiQ saves reps time and reduces admin work which equals to more sales calls. Know the details on what presentations, slides or videos any of your leads or customers found more interesting!

Our Solution For Wholesalers and Distributors:

Close sales fast while presenting your products with pictures, videos, etc

Close the sale right then and there. With built in pricing rules and discounts cut order processing times drastically.

OnLine/OffLine - Because your customers can't wait for websites to load

Close sales with no internet connection. This means the APP and sale will be fast, because every second counts when you are in front of your customer.

Sync to your ERP/ Accounting System to process more orders faster

Save time, reduce errors, reduce admin workload, process more orders faster.

For Wholesalers NubiQ APP Fast Sales Processing

But don’t take our word for it. See it live.

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