4 Keys to More Closed Sales

4 Keys to More Closed Sales

4 Keys to More Closed Sales

 by Jesus Repetto

Which customer should be ordering next? What are they not ordering that all the others are? How do I make the most of my time on the road and bet on the winning horse? From that to automating admin and intelligence tasks these are 4 key things that are easy to implement that can make sales reps more effective and efficient and ultimately drive up productivity and customer/sales growth.


1 – Know The Customer

The more you know your customer the better the options for selling. From knowing personal details to break the ice to knowing the frequency of their purchases, their turnover of certain skus, and what competing points of sale sell well that your customer is not buying.


2 – Know The Products

There’s nothing more frustrating to a sales manager than reps giving half baked explanations of benefits and advantages of their products. Product knowledge is key to success in closing the sale, not only to present the benefits and advantages quickly and authoritatively but also to know how to quickly refute objections. Reps need tools and training so the message is always consistent.


3 – Prioritize

Not all customers are the same. Knowing who statistically should be about to order, and what they should be ordering based on past history, optimizes the sales route and opens the door to cross selling and customer growth.


4 – Automate

Time is a scarce commodity and not all tasks are productive. I believe in keeping my salespeople selling and in automating everything and anything we can to avoid distractions. I’d rather they spend their time prepping for the next appointment than doing administrative work.

There are four areas which we try to bring automation to in our sales process:

  1. Admin work like reporting: we build or buy tools that automate reporting.
  2. Client intelligence: I’m a firm believer in reducing the tendency to prep lightly by    predigesting and serving the right information visually and in soundbites to our reps.
  3. Orders: The more you can automate order processing with ERP systems the better. The benefits are many.
  4. Approvals:  Approvals are time consuming for both the manager and the rep, so we’ve alway looked for ways to streamline and automate as much as possible the necessary exchange of information when exceptions need to be made.


I’m a tech enthusiast and entrepreneur so I gravitate towards finding technology solutions to make sure my reps follow these 4 keys and it has worked out well for us. Automate as much as you can but look for simple intuitive systems which will allow your reps to know your customers, your products, prioritize and optimize their routes and allow you to know your reps and streamline admin work.

About the author: Jesus Repetto, is not just the co-founder and CEO of NubiQ, a tech company, but also the co-founder of a successful import and distribution company, Bebe Innova, with its own employee based outside sales reps in the consumer health sector.

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